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The Hand


REGLO seamlessly blends results-driven technology innovations backed up by science. We have 206 bones in our body, 54 found in our hands. It takes a combination of 36 muscles and tendons just to move our hands.


Humans begin to take an interest in their hands around six to eight months. While we may not have full control until toddlerhood, our hand movements still use around a quarter of the brain's motor cortex.


As infants, touch is our first experience with communication. Skin-to-skin contact let us know we were safe, protected, and supported. Even after we grow, babies, children, and adults receive a lot of information about the world around us through touch. Have you ever given much thought to your hands? They're often not something we think about until there's a problem, but there's something to be said about how complex and important they are to us. While our hands can repair themselves in critical situations, like breaking a bone, there's an area that often causes people to feel distressed, the carpal tunnel.


Understanding The Carpal Tunnel


The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway found near the wrist. It serves as an entry point to the palm for flexor tendons and the median nerve. The base is formed by the bones of the wrist and is covered by the transverse ligament of the metacarpal. The carpal tunnel protects the median nerve and flexor tendons. The nerve and tendons are responsible for bending our fingers and thumb.


Normal Condition

Hand in normal condition


Stressed Condition

Tendons enlarged and nerve compressed

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The Issue


When we use our hands, the carpal tunnel undergoes continuous movement, making the tendons more susceptible to pain. Our bodies naturally try to resolve the pain by increasing the lubricating fluid that covers the tendons. However, increasing the tendons' volume means less space for the median nerve. Less space often results in various problems and discomfort. Aside from our body's natural defense mechanism, this increase in volume may also be credited to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, menopause, or the side effects of certain drugs. If the carpal tunnel's spacial issues go untreated, it can lead to severe pain and surgery.


How REGLO Works


REGLO creates a gentle mechanical action on the hand when worn. The glove helps create a moderate, soft stretching in the carpal tunnel. The slight widening helps relieve users of hand and wrist pain. We like this action "recovery" because through the combination of targeted hand movement, the bones in the hand can increase the space inside the carpal tunnel, allowing the excess fluid to drain. REGLO is a product of deliberate bioengineering studies and analysis of results in the field.



The REcovery GLOve


The patented technology used to create the glove helps increase the space inside the carpal tunnel. Now, if the median nerve is compressed, it can quickly decompress and provide immediate relief. Like we mentioned before, this additional space promotes natural reabsorption of the fluids that accumulated around the tendons, bringing the normal condition back into the area.


Carpal tunnel pain isn't new. It affects people from all walks of life; however, it's prevalent in western industrialized countries. Carpal tunnel issues can happen anytime, anywhere, and during any physical activity. A lot of health organizations recommend exercises for carpal tunnel. Stretching is a well-known prevention method to prevent common carpal tunnel spacial problems. Studies have shown that regular targeted activities of the carpal tunnel may drastically reduce the side effects of the phenomenon.


REGLO was created to improve the well being of your hands. The safe, easy-to-use, and non-invasive gloves gently encourage a mechanical action (stretching) designed by biomedical engineers.


Stressed Condition

Tendons enlarged and nerve compressed


REGLO Action

Tendons enlarged but nerve not compressed by REGLO action

The REGLO Recovery Cycle


The first action of REGLO is the "Relief".


It is simple and quick to experiment, and is a very important result for most people, as it produces a more serene general condition for everyday life.

However, in the last three years, by monitoring and testing REGLO on hundreds of people, we have also verified other important results in the medium term.
Using the glove during a night's rest, with the hand in a relaxed horizontal position, creates a gentle but lasting action over several consecutive hours, applying a healthy light  decompression of the carpal tunnel.

This leads to improving the circulation of the various fluids and therefore the flow of nutrients and the disposal of toxins, with the result of promoting a faster and complete physiological recovery process.

Safety & Quality


REGLO is the result of years of studies, research, and testing conducted by well-respected biomedical engineers.

Each material, design, and feature have been tested and retested. The safety of our users is at the top of our priority list.

By diligently studying the hand, our engineers crafted a new innovative concept that has gone on to become patent protected. 

A specific design and quality criteria must be met to guarantee the quality of any product.

REGLO is made with high-quality Italian-made materials in Italy by talented artisans



Its first version was tested in 2018 on about 50 people. To verify the product's effectiveness, people who had carpal tunnel problems of varying degrees were chosen. Choosing this focus group allowed us to confirm the product's effectiveness, improve it, and above all, guarantee we were producing a safe, non-problematic product.

REGLO has been carefully designed and tested as if it were a medical device. However, REGLO is a non-medical tool used to stretch the hand. Because REGLO is considered non-medical, we can offer our product at a much more affordable price point.


In 2020, we conducted another round of testing. We've added modifications and improvements to generate the version we're now launching. The study consisted of 11 participants. Below are the results.


satisfied with the product

and its effectiveness


problems and / or contraindications


would recommend it to anyone with similar problems



Don't take our word for it. Hear what other REGLO users have to say about us.

“My partner and I are motorcyclists, we travel about 20 – 30 thousand kilometers every year and we are subject to great strain on fingers, hands, and wrists. We are happy to have found a valid help to the inflammations of these joints.”


- Mark Sullivan

“A friend of mine recommended REGLO gloves to me when I was suffering with symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which were particularly bad whenever trying to go to sleep. I got back to sleep well from the first night wearing these gloves. I felt much better!” 


– Jessica Clarke

“I had been suffering with wrist pain due to work. An Orthopedist told me that I would have to undergo surgery, which concerned me due to the risks involved. That’s when I started looking for an alternative fix, something without risk. I soon found out about REGLO. Thankfully I didn’t have to change jobs, because after trying out these gloves I felt much better, even while I’m working.”

- John Monk

“REGLO is a very comfortable and easy to wear glove. After just a few minutes, I didn’t even notice that I was still wearing it.” 

– Lucy Andrews   


The Doctors Opinions


And what the Doctors say about REGLO.

“I would recommend using the REGLO gloves by anyone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or not, whose job or activity demands a high use and degree of hand movement, such as cyclists, tennis players, gym-goers, software programmers, piano players, etc… to preserve the health of the nerves of hand and preventing the preventable hand disability.


The use of REGLO, hence, is one of the most sustainable solutions to treating CTS owing to its merits over surgeries, with zero complication rates, immediate symptomatic relief, and multipurpose utility.”

Dr Balkrishna Subedi
MD Doctor in Orthopedics

“As a professional physiotherapist, I highly recommend the use of REGLO for people with CTS as it performs a very healthy stretching exercise directly on the carpal tunnel. The user can use this device during normal activities and during rest periods.

There's nothing quite like a device that automatically performs a hassle-free exercise for you, while you don't have to worry about making time to exercise or undergo critical surgery as a last resort."

Dr Aniqa Nasreen

Reglo gloves are one of the best pairs of gloves right now for hand protection.

Long distance drivers, bloggers and software engineers, and sports enthusiasts such as cyclists and tennis players often experience hand numbness due to compression of the median nerve of the hand in the carpal tunnel.

Reglo gloves are the best solution to this problem: they can be worn without damage for a long period of time and provide quick relief without drugs and contraindications."

Dr. Sapumal Edirisinghe

"Only severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome require surgery, and most patients with mild symptoms will benefit from non-invasive treatment. REGLO gloves are one of the best non-invasive solutions you can find for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I would recommend REGLO gloves to anyone, but especially gym-goers and athletes. These gloves won't restrict hand mobility in any way. Thus, athletes can use them and protect their wrists without affecting their performance.

Plus, they look stylish and sporty.

That's why REGLO gloves are an excellent solution if you want to prevent or treat carpal tunnel syndrome as an athlete."

Dr. Alberto Parra
MD and Clinical Researcher 

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