We dont let our hands pain dictate our lives.

Make your hands healthy and flexible with the innovative Reglo gloves.

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REGLO: The Carpal Tunnel Stretching Glove

It is the first and only glove that allows the strecthing of the carpal tunnel. REGLO helps get your hand and wrist back to normal, leaving you with an improved quality of life. Designed by biomedical engineers and tested with over 200 people.

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Patented Technology

healthy hand glove
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Patented Technology

Reglo works with a special design patented technology.

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It acts by a gentle mechanical force combination, to the metacarpal bones. In this way it stretchs the
carpal tunnel.

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Quick Relief

The enlargement of the carpal tunnel create a decompression to the nerve that generate a quick

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Better Recovery

In addition, the extraspace generate in the tunnel, promote a better circulation and a better recovery.

What our Clients say


REGLO the Healthy Glove

Main Features


The stretching action is fully and easy adjustable by velcro


Soft material with a high grip has been used for the palm to allow an easy grip of the objects


High quality and maximum tolerability materials have been selected and utilized


The fabrics in touch with the skin undergone a particular treatment based on Silver, to give them antibacterial properties.


REGLO has been tested with people affected by carpal tunnel issues, te be sure of its safety and efficacy.


Six sizes to cover the hands’ dimensions. It is also possible to select sizes in order to have comfortable or fitted gloves.


The gloves can be easily hand washed.


Crafted by specialized Italian artisan.


Designed by biomedical engineers with the scope to maximize the comfort even with long time use

REGLO is not just a garment, it is a bioengineered product.

REGLO enlarges the carpal tunnel, improves the
circulation and the health of your hands in a
simple, kind and natural way.

Night Confort

People affected by carpal tunnel issues, sometimes spend
the night tossing and turning in discomfort.

REGLO can also be worn at night to reduce side effects and
support the hand’s functionality – and help you catch some
much-needed Zzz’s!

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The Doctor Opinion

Questions & Answers

Here you can find the the main common questions and answers, but if you need more and other clarifications, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

REGLO creates a gentle mechanical action on the hand when worn. The combined actions of the tension exerted by the tension strap with the compression of the pad on the back of the hand, thanks to the complex bone structure of the hand, are able to create a slight tension in the carpal tunnel with a consequent widening, resulting in relief of hand and wrist pain.

REGLO was born as a product of wellbeing for the hands, a product that serves to facilitate the stretching of the carpal tunnel. 

Several people who had been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have tried the REGLO glove and found it to be effective.

REGLO was initially tested by the engineers of the glove, using around fifty people who reported having hand problems. This test allowed us to refine the product and check for any contraindications. Subsequently, we tested with a few hundred customers who bought the first version.

This version is a culmination of our efforts from over the last three years, with the aim of providing a multifaceted product that caters to various types of users, from sportsmen and musicians, to the retired hobbyist

Yes, sure. REGLO is a handcrafted product, designed by experienced and highly qualified engineers, so we are assured of its quality. However, in the event that a possible defect could arise, three months warranty on manufactoring or fabric/materisl defects is provided. Please note, warranty police does not include tears or other damages caused by accidents, improper cleaning or improper use.

REGLO is a handcrafted product, made in Italy.

Place the hand on a table, thumb on the edge and measure the width of your hand as shown.

Reglo borns as a recovery glove, so the size is designed to be Confortable, but if yuo prefer a more snug sporty glove, get one size less (the Fitted one)

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