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What is REGLO?

REGLO is a multipurpose glove created to preserve the hands during activity and promote better hand health. REGLO is the first tool of its kind that gently stretches the hand, concentrating on the carpal tunnel for better performance - no matter what you're doing.


Free fingers mean you're free to move, and touch sensitivity is never compromised.

They are made exclusively from hypoallergenic fabrics and specialized materials.

The palm features a soft, high-grip material to safely and effortlessly grip any object.



Main Features


Find your perfect fit. REGLO is fully adjustable. Adjust the gloves so they're comfortable and beneficial for you.

The inside of the glove is made with a super soft, antibacterial polyester microfibre. We treat our materials to protect the skin and prevent bacteria from spreading.

The sleek unisex Italian-made design is ideal for daily use.







What is REGLO?

REGLO is a multipurpose glove created to preserve the hands during activity and promote better hand health. REGLO is the first tool of its kind that gently stretches the hand, concentrating on the carpal tunnel for better performance - no matter what you're doing.

What People Say About Us


“I would recommend using the REGLO gloves by anyone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or not, whose job or activity demands a high use and degree of hand movement, such as cyclists, tennis players, gym-goers, software programmers, piano players, etc… to preserve the health of the nerves of hand and preventing the preventable hand disability.


The use of REGLO, hence, is one of the most sustainable solutions to treating CTS owing to its merits over surgeries, with zero complication rates, immediate symptomatic relief, and multipurpose utility.”

Dr Balkrishna Subedi
MD Doctor in Orthopedics
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How many times have you heard that you should stretch before doing physical activity? We're guessing a lot. It's no secret that physical activity is good for our physical and mental well-being. A good stretch enhances our performance in and outside of the gym. That's why there's endless equipment to stretch the arms, legs, back, and neck. But nothing has been created to help stretch our hands, arguably our most important body part.


Anyone who uses their hands for work, a hobby, or suffers from carpal tunnel symptoms can benefit from hand stretching. Here's why. 


The carpal tunnel is the passageway on the palmar side of the wrist that connects the forearm to the hand. Inside the carpal tunnel are the median nerve and nine flexor tendons responsible for movement. After continuous and repeated hand movements, friction builds inside the carpal tunnel leading to pain and distress. Our bodies naturally try to resolve the issue by developing more lubricating fluid to cover the tendons. Once the volume of the tendons is increased, the median nerve will often cause discomfort. It's essentially a vicious cycle of hand pain.




REGLO is an easy, comfortable, and convenient solution to this common problem. The gloves promote a combination of forces and pressures, creating the simple mechanical action "recovery."


Bioengineering studies and extensive analysis have led to the birth of its patented technology. 

REGLO helps users increase the space inside the carpal tunnel. Now, when the median nerve is compressed, the gloves rapidly promote decompression for rapid pain relief. The gloves work immediately to help restore the normal condition of the carpal tunnel. 

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Typical REGLO Users


REGLO is a multipurpose glove created to protect the skin and hands during physical and non-physical activities. REGLO helps promote healthy stretching to the carpal tunnel - an effective hand exercise for people who use their hands a lot. 
There's not one type of REGLO user. Active, health-conscious individuals who can benefit include but are not limited to:

  • Gym-goers (workouts, gymnastics, weights)

  • Cyclists

  • Tennis players

  • Golfers

  • Software programmers

  • Bloggers

  • Gamers

  • Musicians (piano, guitar, drums, violin, etc.)

  • Drivers

  • DIY crafters

  • Cooks

  • Gardeners

  • Teachers

  • Hairdressers


Night Comfort


Are you experiencing carpal tunnel issues?

Do you find it hard to sleep because you spend the night tossing and turning in discomfort?


REGLO can also be worn at night to reduce side effects and support the hand's functionality - and help you catch some much-needed Zzz's!

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About Us

Welcome to REGLO. We're a young start-up on a mission to help change the way you work with your hands. The REGLO is pioneering patented technology combined with extensive product research and testing to bring you a one-of-a-kind glove. Promote the well-being of your hands naturally. Our non-invasive gloves help stretch the hands. We get it; you probably don't put hand stretching at the top of your to-do list. You may be surprised just how much it can help with daily activities in and outside the gym.


We believe happiness and health are directly correlated. Our goal is to share our values through our work, innovations and provide our customers with a product that can help improve their quality of life.



Welcome to our blog page. Here you'll find trends, tips, and tricks about how to live a happier, healthier life. Be sure to check back here often. We're always updating our readers with the latest information.


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